Village Taxis has always embraced technology and been an early adopter providing that the technology ultimately benefits our customer. 

The app will allow you to book a cab in a number of clicks then allows you to monitor its location
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These days it seems there is an App for almost everything we do in life, but they can be really useful in our busy lives.  Our Booking and Location App brings an enormous amount of benefits to our customers who access and use this tool. 


Firstly, calling or book a Cab, this can be done in a few simple clicks and the user receives confirmation that the cab is on route. The next aspect of the App really breaks the mould and by accessing the App the user can track the location and ETA of their cab, simple any yet very effective.


Village Taxis will continually look for the ‘next’ development or software generation, as we will not stand still if our efforts to improve the customer experience and bring even further benefits.